Vol. LIV No. 6
June 2019

Paige Busick wins Butterfly Art Contest

Chickasaw citizen Paige Busick, of Oklahoma City, is the Chickasaw Nation Butterfly Art Contest winner for this year’s Dynamic Women of the Chickasaw Nation Conference.

The winning butterfly logo is used in all artwork and promotional materials for the 2019 Dynamic Women of the Chickasaw Nation Conference.

Ms. Busick works in a variety of mediums but specializes in painting with oils. She graduated from Harding Fine Arts Academy in May 2018.

She is currently attending her first year at Oklahoma City Community College as an art major. She plans to transfer to the Institute of American Indian Arts to study studio art with an emphasis in painting.

Ms. Busick attended the Chickasaw Arts Academy for two years and it was there she learned to persevere, and to grow both as an artist and as a person.

Her artwork focuses on identity and personal experiences. She often works with a warm palette and paints large flowing waves for her backgrounds.

In 2017, she won a Best in Show award for the youth division of the Southeastern Art Show and Market (SEASAM).

This past fall, she showcased artwork in the Harvest juried art exhibition at DNA Galleries, and was voted one of three Best in Show winners.

She helped paint a mural in Tishomingo, Okla., with Chickasaw artist Carl Addison and other youth artists in September. Her future plans are to pursue a career as an artist and to share Chickasaw culture with others along the way.

For more information about the butterfly art contest, visit Chickasaw.net/ButterflyContest or call (580) 272-5520.