Vol. LII No. 5
May 2017
Chickasaw Times Web Exclusives

California-based Chickasaw jeweler to unveil new collection at Artesian Arts Festival

Chickasaw jeweler Kristen Dorsey will unveil her new “Hatchet Women” collection Memorial Day weekend at the Artesian Arts Festival May 27.

Banquet Offers End of Semester Inspiration for Chickasaw College Students

Chickasaw students in the Chokka Kilimpi Recruitment and Retention program attended an end-of-semester banquet featuring an inspirational presentation by guest speaker, Dr. John Herrington.

Celebrate Mother’s Day

Celebrate Mother’s Day at the Chickasaw Cultural Center, Saturday, May 13 and Sunday, May 14.

Chickasaw Cycling Club

The Chickasaw Cycling Club is open to the public and offers an outlet for locals to find riding buddies.

Chickasaw Youth get motivated at OSU N7 Chickasaw Youth Day

More than 70 Chickasaw students attended Oklahoma State University (OSU) N7 Chickasaw Youth Day, Thursday, March 30, at OSU Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater.

Chokka' Kilimpi' Recruitment and Retention and School-to-Work Programs

As he completes his degree, Rance Gilliam, Chickasaw citizen and University of Oklahoma student, has found career direction through the Chickasaw Nation Chokka' Kilimpi' Recruitment and Retention and School-to-Work Programs.

Citizen Groups

Chickasaw Community Councils

Empowered Living Clinic serves Chickasaw children, families

Children and family members attended the Empowered Living Clinic Garden Party, Tuesday, April 11 at the Chickasaw Nation Ardmore Health Clinic.

Foster Homes Needed

The Chickasaw Nation Foster Care and Adoption Program reminds potential foster and adoptive parents there is a continuing need for homes with loving parents.

Fulfilling a dream with help from tribe’s Career Tech program

Russell “Robby” Graves, a Chickasaw citizen from Rocklin, has loved helicopters since he was eight.

Housing Counseling

The Chickasaw Nation Housing Counseling and Loan Services Program provides a variety of programs and services for one of the biggest purchases most people ever make.

Imanoli Writers’ Conference

Chickasaw Nation Arts & Humanities will host the Imanoli writers’ conference from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thursday, June 1 at the Arts & Humanities building in Ada.

Korean War veteran fulfills lifelong dream, visits Chickasaw Nation at age 84

Korean War veteran Charles Holmes did not experience a typical Chickasaw upbringing.

Mental Health Day

The Chickasaw Nation is committed to providing mental health support and education for Chickasaw families and the community.

World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day is a day to make people aware of the health problems that tobacco use can cause.