Vol. XLIX No. 4
April 2014
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Chickasaw youth expand horizons with summer opportunities

A world of wonderful fun and opportunity await every Chickasaw young person this summer. All Chickasaw youth ages five to 18 can now apply for the experiences of a lifetime!

Chikasha Ittifama (Chickasaw Reunion) May 16 at Kullihoma

A game played for centuries in the ancestral Chickasaw homelands will be introduced during the modern-day Chickasaw Reunion in May.

Dynamic Women’s Conference set for April 17 at Artesian, Cultural Center

A day of sharing the imaginative and empowering vision of artists, musicians, scholars, athletes and others is planned for the 2014 Chickasaw Nation Dynamic Women’s Conference and Forum.

Path to obtaining citizenship begins with Dawes Rolls research

The path to obtaining Chickasaw citizenship begins with the Dawes Rolls. Taken only in Indian Territory from 1898 to 1907, the Dawes Rolls of the Five Civilized Tribes is a list of Indians by blood in Indian Territory during this time.